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no longer in production

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The 4005 Compact variometer has all of the features that you will need in your endeavors as a soaring pilot. This is a vario that you will not outgrow. Rugged and compact, it has been used around the world with nothing but praise for it's operation.



Altimeter 1 - up to 30,000 feet

Altimeter 2 - up to 30,000 feet

Barometric pressure display



Analog display features patented twin pass scale up to 1600 ft/min. Digital variometer up to 2000 ft/min. Digital vario averager users selectable between 1 - 35 seconds


Speed Measurement

True airspeed automatically altitude compensated
User selectable stall alarm (can be disabled)
Airspeed correction factor to correct sensor tolerance and placement


Temperature Measurement

Current ambient temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius


Time Measurement

Real-time clock - Current time and date Flight timer- keeps track of flight duration Stopwatch- may be started, stopped and reset during flight


Flight Log

Automatically records 20 most recent flights: peak values of altitude 1 and 2, lift and sink, flight duration and date of flight. Recorded flights and values may be displayed at any time. Flight memory data maintained if batteries are removed


Physical Properties

Extremely easy to read display. Intuitive function button allocation. Compact, light, rugged, ergonomic and aerodynamic housing. Battery life of +/- 150 hours on 2 AA (included)


Function Overview

For detailed information on the 4005 and the rest of the 4000 series see the Technical Specifications page.


Included with 4005 Compact:


  • Manual
  • Attachment clip & elastic Velcro
  • Protective carry bag
  • 2 AA batteries
  • 2 year warranty
  • Optional HG & PG airspeed sensor is available for this unit