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Class 2/5/Woman's Worlds


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Competition Dates

May 18-27, 2006



The competition will take place at Quest Air Flight Park a private airfield - also known as Groveland Airport (and sometimes Sheets). The nearest town is Groveland. Meet Headquarters will be located at the Flytec and Quest Air office in the main airport building on site. GPS coordinates for the meet here: lat 28 31.982 long 81 50.800. For a map click here. To see directions click here.


Competition Organizers

Quest Air


Contest Sanctioning


CIVL -Catagory 1





Local Rules

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Minimum skill requirements

Pilots must meet the minimum requirements of USHGA H4 "advanced" rating or IPPI 5; as well as aerotow (AT), turbulence (TURB) and cross country (XC) sign offs or their non-US equivalents. Aerotow rating or evidence of extensive aerotowing experience behind trikes and/or Bailey/Moyes Dragonflies is a strict requirement. Pilots must have previously aerotowed the glider that they are flying in the competition, or one substantially similar, and be able to produce witnesses to that effect if questioned. Pilots who do not have the aerotow skills required to compete as determined by the meet organizer will not be allowed to compete in the competition. Pilots who misrepresent their aerotow experience will be ejected from the competition without refund.


Competitor Eligibility

It is the pilot's responsibility to check they are qualified to fly in the relevant Class. The WPRS can be consulted here. There is a separate list extracted from these rankings which will published as required and which will be updated monthly. For exemptions or queries contact Paula at the FAI.


Entry Fee (updated)

Entry fees have been updated to include late entry fee (deadline was February 1, 2006). Competition and tow fees are $906 per pilot and $468 per team leader and assistant and must be made at the time of entry using the on-line form.



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Bid to CIVL

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Further information or volunteer inquiries

Please contact us at 352-429-0213 or